Absorbent Uncarded Cotton (Bleached Cotton)

The bleached cotton is produced as per Indian, British and European pharmacopeia. This cotton has good appearance on carded material with less nap. This can also be used in manufacturing of Cotton facial pads, cotton balls, medical cotton, Swabs, and other surgical dressings. This is also supplied in various different colors. This cotton is pressed in bale form & each bale weighing about 80 kgs to 135 kgs.

Cotton Jumbo Roll

It is a long continuous layered 100% cotton roll. Suitable for the manufacturing of Zig- Zag cotton, Cotton Pads & other surgical dressings. Available sizes from 300 GSM to 500 GSM as per the requirements of customer.

Absorbent Cotton Sliver

The carded cotton produced in different sizes of sliver (Strings) form, as per the required staple length & micron ire value as per pharmacopeia & cosmetic purpose is used for the manufacturing of Cotton Swabs (Buds) & Cotton balls. We provide Sliver of 1.4 gram to 8 gram per meter, in different colors as per the requirements. Available in packs of 5 Kgs.

Pharmaceutical Coil

The pharmaceutical coil form is manufactured using 100% bleached absorbent cotton, this coil is widely used for cleanliness and packaging of pharmaceutical products like in bottles of tablets & capsules. Its weigh is about 9 gram per meter.