Cotton Balls

This product is produced out of 100% high quality of soft cotton. The soft cotton provides delicate sensation on the skin. The weight of each cotton ball varies from 0.2 grams to 2.00 gram. Used in Cosmetic as well as for medical purpose. It is available in 4 different colors white, yellow, pink & blue. The packing size varies from 50 balls in each bag to 5 kgs balls in 1 bag.

Cotton Swabs

A swab with 100% cotton on both the ends of plastic stick is used to clean the Ears, eyes and nose. Available in packs of 100 Swabs in poly bag or plastic tin pack as per the requirement.

Cotton Facial Pads

Cotton facial pad is used mainly for the cosmetic purpose. It can also be used for medical purpose to stop or prevent bleeding from minor punctures such as injections or veinpuncture. Its very light weight, optimum porosity and cost effective. Available in packs of 100 pads in colourful bag.