Absorbent Cotton Wool ( Roll )

The Bleached carded Cotton wool rolls for the Surgical and Medical use. The rolls from 15 gram to 1 Kgs and length from 6 cm to 45 cm are being assorted. The rolls are interleaved or without interleaved in blue or brown paper.

Absorbent Cotton Wool ( Zig - Zag Style )

The pleated cotton wool products are obtained from 100% cotton wool containing Cosmetics, Medical & Surgical qualities. It maintains Indian, British & European Pharmacopeia standards. The plant is fully auto functioning hence high level of cleaness and freshness. Packing sizes of 50 Gram 100 Gram 200 Gram 300 Gram 500 Gram are available.

Absorbent Gauze & Rolled Gauze ( As per Sch F-II )

Manufactured as per the Drug Schedule F II and is ideal for the use of medical purpose. They are available in sizes of 45 Cm x 16 Mtr, 90 Cm x 16 Mtr, 45 Cm x 18 Mtr, 90 Cm x 18 Mtr, 100 Cm x 20 Mtr & Rolled Gauze size from 2.5 cm to 15 cm & 2.5 mtr to 12 mtr as per the requirements of customer. Rolled gauze is individually wrapped in paper and packed in bags of 10 rolls or 12 rolls.

Bandage Cloth & Rolled Bandage ( As per Sch F - II )

The cloth is manufactured using optimum quality fabric that is procured from our trustworthy vendors. Bandage cloth is extensively high in demand in hospitals and medical clinics. Clients can avail the cloth in different lengths and widths such as 100 Cm x 18 Mtr, 100 Cm x 20 Mtr & Rolled bandage from 5 cm to 15 cm & 3 mtr to 12 mtr roll as per the requirement.

Dental Cotton Roll

Highly absorbent Dental cotton rolls for isolation and absorbing the saliva and fluid during the dental treatment. Available in size 1, 2 & 3 in packs of 50 & 100 dental roll in each pack as per the requirements.