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Absorbent Cotton & Surgical Disposable

Brisk Surgicals Cotton Ltd. was started in the year 1978 by the Promoter, Mr. Ganapati B. Patil. Before starting this unit, he himself worked as a Production Supervisor in one of the International pioneer surgical units in Mumbai (Bombay). After working for five long years, he thought of having his own surgical cotton unit. He always wanted to achieve something in his life and this proved to be the greatest motivator for him. So, taking advantage of the small work experience that he had under his belt, he set up Brisk Surgicals Cotton Ltd. in the year 1978 in Kalol, a city near Gandhinagar, located in the western part of India. Since then, he never looked back and today, “ brisk’ brand is a well - known name in the Surgical Cotton Industry.

Slowly and gradually, with the passage of time, he went on increasing the list of products under one roof and today, we are into manufacturing Surgical Cotton, Surgical Dressings and Cosmetic Cotton Products as per the Pharmacopoeia like I.P/ B.P/B.P.C & J.P etc  There are in all two different units operating in different area.


Brisk Surgicals Cotton Limited - Absorbent Uncarded Cotton, Surgical cotton rolls, Absorbent Gauze, Gauze Bandage, W.O.W Bandage as per B.P./ B.P.C, Surgical cotton zigzag(pleats), Cotton Balls (White and Mix Colour), Ear Buds & Surgical Dressing.


CHHATRAL UNIT -- Surgical Cotton Rolls, Surgical Cotton Zigzag(Pleats), Cosmetic Cotton Rolls, Cosmetic Cotton Zigzag(Pleats) & Cotton Sliver in different size for manufacturing of Cotton Buds (Swabs), Cotton Balls in different Colour & size.


We are exporting nearly 85 % of our total output to around 25 countries worldwide. This includes countries like Saudi Arabia, Mauritius, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, Germany, Denmark, Greece, Sweden, etc. As far as India is concerned, we have always concentrated on Gujarat and Maharashtra. But, with the increasing level of competition, we have decided to expand our operations and enter various states where quality products are always appreciated rather than cheap and poor quality goods.

“ Brisk “ brand is one of the well know Brand in organizations in India that is having an experience of 24 successful years under its belt working in the Surgical Cotton Industry. The main reason of our hard earned success is "Quality". Constant efforts are made at the top level and at the operational level to see that good quality products are always provided to the Consumers who seek value for the money they spent. The International Standards like British Pharmacopoeia, European Pharmacopoeia and Indian Pharmacopoeia are strictly maintained.

We have the production capacity of manufacturing 1000 tones of Cotton per year. Apart from this, we also manufacturing nearly 125 lac meters of White Open Wove Bandage, Absorbent Gauze, etc. per annum. All the aspects from weaving to finishing and packaging are being carried out in that unit itself. Apart from the above products, we are also indulged in marketing of various other high quality products.

Customer Satisfaction" has always remained the main objective of the organization. We make all possible efforts to see that an Customer is satisfied.  We are on ISO 9001:2000 Certified Company & this provides us a competitive edge over our competition is this highly competitive world.  We constantly work to add value to our products and venture into new markets where quality is really appreciated.

Salient Features/Core Competences of the Organisation

·         Experience of 24 successful years working in the surgical cotton industry and thus, earning name and fame in India as well as other countries.

·         Providing Quality products constantly and thus, keeping consumers satisfied.

·         The “brisk” brand product portfolio consists of highly strong and potential products like surgical cotton, surgical dressings, cosmetic cotton, crepe bandages, Uncarded cotton, etc.

·         In India, no other concern is parallel to "Brisk " brand in mass production of surgical cotton items.

·         Highest production capacity of 1000 tons of cotton per annum and 125 lac meters of W.O.W. bandage, Absorbent Gauze, Rolled bandages, etc.

·         International standards like British Pharmacopoeia, Indian Pharmacopoeia and European Pharmacopoeia are strictly maintained.

·         Brisk  has put forth strong efforts and have been rendering virgin services to the patrons and winning their applause.

·         Related diversification will be undertaken whenever felt necessary. The core example of this is Cosmetic cotton products.

·         Today's market is Consumers market. Keeping this in mind, we will indulge ourselves into manufacturing those products that are required by consumers. This will help us in meeting the needs of the consumers more effectively and efficiently.

  • We are flexible enough to meet consumers' needs. Hence, if our consumer wants our all the above products under their brand name or artwork/packaging, then we can supply accordingly

We will always be happy to have suggestions and/or complaints, if any, from our valuable consumers as this will further help us to overcome/minimize our drawbacks and develop ourselves
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